Full-Stack Designer, Digital Strategist & Web Manager from Milan, Italy.

Who Am I ?

I'm an Italian 28 years old bigfoot believer.
I travel therefore I AM.
I like the idea that with my job I could help people loving the Web.
Wanderlust is my mood.
I'm a chocolate eater & a twitter addicted.
I binge watch everything.
I remember what the dormouse said: feed your head.

Education & Experience

Here you can find an overview of my academic journey and some of the most important experiences I've faced

Ongoing for years | #ForeheadONE Project


"A big one forehead around the world" is the tagline for the project I dedided to start some years ago. Instead of creating one gigantic GIF I dediced to open an Instagram profile where to place all the pictures I've taken during these years of travels. The aim of the project is to test the streght of an hashtag and to see how I can work with SEO/SEM.

4th July 2016 - Current | Gi Group SPA

International Web Manager & Online Specialist.
Milan, Italy.

As International Web & Online Specialist in Gi Group my focus is to support all the countries of the group in all the web and online activities from a marketing perspective, developing global tools and systems so we can ensure synergy from a branding perspective and create cost efficiencies.

11th MAY 2015 - 6th MAY 2016 | Laureate Design Universities

Digital Marketing Junior and Social Media Assistant.
Milan, Italy.

I was part of the digital marketing team for the Laureate Design Universities (NABA and Domus Academy).
Job tasks: DEM, PPC, HTML e-mail campaigns, CMS (Wordpress) and Social Media management, online banners and images creation.

MARCH 2015 - Publications:

Bollini, Letizia, Giulia Busdon, and Annalisa Mazzola. "GeoLapse. A Digital Space-Based and Memory-Related Time-Capsule App." Computational Science and Its Applications--ICCSA 2015. Springer International Publishing, 2015. 675-685.


University of Milan - BICOCCA | Milan, Italy.
1st October 2012 - 3rd March 2015

Thesis Work: “Geolapse: Time Capsule Serendipity. Designing a mobile location-based experience between real and digital.” It’s a UI & UX project on a mobile application working on the themes of time, space, time capsule and serendipity.
Valuation: 110/110 Summa cum Laude.

MARCH 2015 - Current | Blue Box Series

Founder, UX/UI Designer, Social Media Strategist, Web Editor.
Milan, Italy.

In March 2015 I've founded a no-profit Blog about tv series.
Job tasks: coordinate the writers, decide the weekly schedule, write articles, CMS (Wordpress) and Social Media management.

JUNE 2014 - JULY 2015 | Extrasmall.it Collaboration

Junior UI Designer
Milan, Italy.

Collabrations with extrasmall.it to develop several websites on Wordpress.
Job tasks: Wordpress theme customization.
- June 2015 - Absolute-media | www.absolute-media.eu | Milan, Italy.
- December 2014 - Katya Fernandez | www.katyafernandez.com | Milan, Italy.

MARCH 2015 | BRERA BICOCCA - #Salon2015

Junior UI Designer
Milan, Italy.

Website for the SALON 2015 event - a collaboration between the University of Milan - Bicocca and the Brera Academy.
Job tasks: Wordpress theme customization.

JULY - AUGUST 2014 | UserTest/Lab

Junior UI Designer
Milan, Italy.

A month of collaboration with UserTest/Lab. Job tasks: development hi-fi smartphone and tablet mockups.

NOVEMBER 2013 - FEBRUARY 2014 | G.S.A Edelweiss CAI Milano

Junior UI Designer
Milan, Italy.

Website for the ski mountaineering group Edelweiss CAI. Job tasks: Wordpress customization, tutorials for the managers, visual development.


University of Milan - BICOCCA | Milan, Italy.
3rd October 2009 - 18th July 2012

Thesis Work: “The importance of being Vague” It’s a Language’s Philosophy essay about the vagueness of the language and its properties.
Valuation: 96/110.


Scientifico Donato Bramante | Magenta, Milan.
10th September 2005 - 3rd July 2009

Final Work: “The Metamorphosis” A short discussion about the cultural evolution in literature and arts of the metamorphosis’ concept.
Valuation: 71/100.


Here are some skills I have acquired and developed during my years between work and study

Web/App Developing

Expert | 85%
E-mail HTML
Expert | 90%
Beginner | 40%
CMS (Wordpress)
Expert | 95%
Expert | 100%
Beginner | 25%
Invision App
Expert | 95%

Adobe Suite

Expert | 95%
Expert | 90%
Intermediate | 75%
Expert | 95%
Beginner | 30%
Beginner | 45%

Social Media & Web Management

Content Creation
Expert | 95%
Expert | 90%
Expert | 95%
Online Analytics
Expert | 90%
Intermediate | 70%

Other Software

Smart Focus
Intermediate | 70%
Intermediate | 70%
Office SW
Expert | 100%
Mac & Windows
Expert | 100%
Intermediate | 75%

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My Works

Here you can find some of the projects I've followed



Instagram, SEO/SEM & Viral Marketing project.

ORDER: Social Media, SEO Optimisation
YEAR: 2018



Italian no-profit blog about tv series.
Facebook - Twitter

ORDER: IA, UI, Wordpress, Social Media, Content Editing & Creation
YEAR: 2015



Website for the communication's specialists Absolute-Media.

ORDER: UI, Wordpress
CLIENT: Absolute-Media (Collaboration w/ extrasmall.it)
YEAR: 2015


BRERA BICOCCA - #Salon2015

Website for the artistic event SALON 2015.

ORDER: IA, UI, Wordpress
CLIENT: Bicocca - University & Brera Academy
YEAR: 2015

GEOLAPSE: Time Capsule Serendipty

Realization of the conceptual and interaction structure of a mobile applcation that allows users to leave messages localized in space and time to pass, discover and rediscover stories related to the territory, the emotions and the bonds shared among people.

ORDER: UX, IA, UI, UCD, Mobile Application, Location-Based
CLIENT: Thesis Work @ Bicocca - University
YEAR: 2015



Website for the luxury hand-made bag brand Katya Fernandez.

ORDER: IA, UI, Wordpress
CLIENT: Katya Fernandez (Collaboration w/ extrasmall.it)
YEAR: 2014


PIWO.TV: Place I watch on television - Project

Project developed on the idea of a platform supporting trips which locates on a map the places related to the tv-series. Benchmark analysis, creation of user personas & scenario and testing phases.

ORDER: Web Design, Web Development, UI, UX, UCD
CLIENT: Advanced Design Laboratory @ Bicocca - University
YEAR: 2014


SNAP #OUREBELLION: Involve Waiting - Project

Project about the construction of a long-term engagement campaign to promote the launch of the third film of the Hunger Games saga through Snapchat in order to engage the target.

ORDER: Social Media, Marketing, Content Editing, Snapchat, Networks Theory
CLIENT: Digital Communication @ Bicocca - University
YEAR: 2014



Website (and InDesign tutorials) for the G.S.A. Edelweiss CAI skiing group.

ORDER: Web Design, Content Editing, IA, Wordpress
CLIENT: G.S.A Edelweiss CAI Milan
YEAR: 2013

jungleb project

JungleB - Project

The aim of project was to conduct an ongoing design and implementation of a prototype of a one-page website in accordance with the methodologies and current practices in UCD.

ORDER: Web Design, Web Development, UI, UX, UCD
CLIENT: Visual Communication & Interface Design @ Bicocca - University
YEAR: 2013

Get in Touch

I live between Milan & London, but you can find me on the social media linked right at the bottom of this website.
Please contact me for any information and or any further question.
You can also write me an email to mazzola0490@gmail.com.


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